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have you ever saw this video

Mindo dope no till
Mundo dope no till source
This is not my video no affiliation to mindo dope

Are you a indoor grower and you have any tips or advice on setting up some no till living organic soil please let me know.

So what I have read and learned so far is this is going to be the best way to grow as you bring nature and growing in one and let the soil do the work for you.

I am looking for advice on things like brands if in Canada for good compost and kelp meal and rock dust any other things I may want to use.

I am hoping to get this dirt started in the next 2 weeks so by the middle to end of March I am ready to plant some new baby's in there and let nature take over.

So why am I wanting to grow organic and living soil to boot well if I have switched my diet and everything to organic and plant based why should I smoke buds that are full of who fucking really nose.

What I think I need
1.Good quality compost
2.lava rock soil
4.sphagnum peat
4.kelp meal
5.neem meal
6.worm casting
7.clover seed

So far this is the list I have some up with I plan to make 12-20 gallons I am unsure if I wanna stick to 3 gallon pots or move to 5 gallons pots.

Yes for no I will be growing autos still while me and @demelobuds grow out a white widow, original afgani and guerilla glue mother.

Well that's my plans and I am hoping to get some advice from my organic growers here on steemit.

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